New Year Blog

I did not know where my blogging might take me last year. I made a commitment to post 250 words once a week and then just went from there. I was surprised to find that at the end of the year I was able to look back and see patterns and that just the act of writing once a week had allowed me to be more reflective. So, here I am again.

As a teacher I always feel like I get the benefit of having two New Years. I get to celebrate in January, of course, but September is also a New Year worth celebrating. I like to take time to think about what should be done differently this time, about what I need to add to my repertoire and what needs to come out of my routine.
So, here are my resolutions for this school year:
1. I am going to “eat the frog” – no more procrastination – do the thing I wish to do least first thing each day and then enjoy the rest of the day free of guilt.
2. I am going to be more reflective and grateful for the many wonders in my life.
3. I am going to bless more and curse less (see a great message about this here).
4. I am going to actually be a lifelong learner by making sure I learn something new each day.
5. I am going to look for a more balanced way of living (more exercise, less overtime).

Please ask me about my list when you see me and share what are you doing this year?


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