Reflection on the Loaves and the Fishes: What I meant to say on June 12, 2014 at the Prayer Service

This is what I meant to say after the reading from Luke (9:10 – 17) on the miracle of the loaves and fishes:

What a wonderful gospel story – it’s one we all know – have heard many times and probably thought about in a variety of contexts.

This is a great story! It’s about the abundance of blessings and the bounteous generosity of God’s gifts to us. How fitting for us tonight!

But it is also about community, collaboration and breaking free of the fear of sharing – it’s about risk-taking and sharing.

The people in the gospel story are tired and in a place where there are no resources available. One person brings forward a meager offering – they must have known it could not be enough.

Imagine yourself there. Can you remember a similar time when you feared there was not enough? The feeling of not being able to meet your goal or provide your share is a frightening one. How often do we feel we are in the scarcity mindset? How often do we worry that we won’t have enough – be enough – give enough? We forget about God’s abundance mentality.

You are a blessing, a gift, a miracle. You have done more good works, calmed more storms when others didn’t even know a storm was brewing – given of yourself to make our world better. Like the five loaves and 2 fishes – maybe it did not seem enough. But your modeling of generosity – your willingness to do what you could do to make a difference changed the world.

Your commitment to taking a risk, to sharing your faith, to providing what you have makes our work a 12 baskets full of leftovers place. Jesus smiles as you offer your good deeds and transform the world.


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