Are you relevant?

Are you relevant?

If the measure (or one of the measures) of a good job/career is to be relevant – to make a difference – it is a good question to ask oneself. Do you make a difference? What do you do that matters? To whom have you made a difference today? This week? This year?

How would you know? I have often lamented that my work does not have a tangible product attached to it. Unlike a brick layer, I cannot point to my row of bricks at the end of the day and know that I have been productive. Instead though I CAN know that I have not been a part of the great machinery that produces just “another brick in the wall” (to reference Pink Floyd). I can look and see if I have been part of the relationship building team that has made a difference to a student (or staff member) by smiling when it was needed, knowing something personal about my students (or colleagues), empowering someone to take the action they needed to take.

What have you done today to make a difference?


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