Legitimacy and Leadership – May 12, 2014

I was at Leadercast on Friday (an all-day session of speakers who talk about the qualities needed to be good leaders and how we can encourage people to step up and be that way) and Malcolm Gladwell was speaking about how the theory of deterrence is not one that holds much weight.  People do things that are dangerous or scary or that carry a large penalty even though they know they might be caught.  The idea of scaring people into doing things just does not work.  So instead he was suggesting that people do things (no9t under duress, but) when they feel that the authority being wielded is legitimate.  And one decides this if they feel that the interactions are 1) respectful, 2) fair and 3) trustworthy.

So, I am wondering (and hoping) that you have seen this in action from the people at the CEC.  I truly hope it is so, since I know that when I need to speak I will be listened to and respected.  I know that what is asked of me is asked of everyone (or of those who should be asked) and that I am treated fairly.  I also know that the things I am asked will not arbitrarily change and that the consistency represents the best thinking of those asking the tasks.  I really appreciate that this is a process and it is one I have experienced from those I work for and for those who report to me.  I see it from all levels of our organization.

So, for all of that – thank you.


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