Quotes without Comment (YET): The importance of STRENGTHS

Easter Monday MLOG – April 21, 2014  

I have been reading about the Gallup poll taken about student engagement.  There are some stunning results and many important lessons to be learned.  If you are interested here is a great blog by Grant Wiggins that considers it in detail: Grant Wiggins on Engagement and the Gallup Poll

Meanwhile, here are a couple of facts that struck me as astonishing and worthy of pondering:

Among the 600,000 students who took the poll in 2013, those who strongly agreed with two simple statements were 30 times as likely as those who strongly disagreed with both to be emotionally engaged at school. Those two statements were:

1. My school is committed to building the strengths of each student.

2. I have at least one teacher who makes me excited about the future.

Teachers are asked to ensure “that the praise they offer is personal and meaningful.”

And more:

The key, from Gallup studies of schools nationwide, is to build education plans that match up with each student’s unique strengths. In other words, when students know what they do best and have opportunities to develop those talents, they are more motivated and enthusiastic about learning.

 So which of these things surprises you most?  Which do you want to take action upon first?


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