Cast Your Net: What Vision Are You Trying to Catch?

I was listening to “Tapestry” – a CBC radio show  – today and the host was speaking with a “Christian movie critic”.  He kept explaining why the title he had did not fit his actual role.  He said, yes, I am Christian and yes I review movies but I am not a critic nor do I let my Christian title get in the way of sharing beauty.  He went on to say that with every stroke of a brush or pen, with every word we write we are always casting our nets to capture the beauty of the world and the greatness of the promise of eternal life.

It was similar to Bishop Crosby’s message to the SO’s at our AGM on Wednesday.  He pointed out that everything in the Easter message is about LIFE and we have to see it and celebrate it and be grateful for it.  Every day.  In every way.

So, my question to you (and to myself) is: What have we done to celebrate life today?  How have we shown our gratitude for what we have?  How have we shared that need with our students???


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