April 6, 2014: Another Sunday Creating Another MLOG

I was reading a leadership blog (17 Ways to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges ) and saw that one of the ways to meet tomorrow’s challenges is to: Invite others to compensate for your weaknesses.  So, I am thinking that I should determine my strengths so that I can know how best to compensate for my weaknesses.

I have done the test in Now, Discover your Strengths and found that my five top areas are: Maximizer, Positivity, Strategic, Developer, and Input.  This means that I am interested in potential of others, that I like to look for and develop others strengths, that I like to give praise and am lighthearted, and that I am inquisitive and like to collect things.  So, what areas do I need to compensate for?

I seem to lack the areas that involve seeing people as individuals who need strong relationships.  I might not analyze things fully or work hard enough to increase my circle or make things predictable.  So, anyone want to work with me and provide these traits?  I am looking for your balancing input!


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