Two Questions

I was just watching a video about how to make a vision STICK.  The speaker suggested that the key to success was asking two important but simple questions:

  1. What are we doing?


  1. How do I fit in?

So I asked myself!  What are we doing?

Well, I think we are trying to help students find the JOY in their learning.  I think that we have said that we want to hear their voice and engage them in learning so that they will achieve and that the best way to do that is to bring them opportunities for JOY.  This may mean giving them CHOICE or making assignments meaningful, authentic and genuine.  It may mean listening to how students want to share their learning and being flexible enough to accept these ways as communication that allows us to shape our teaching to meet their needs.  That seems to be our board improvement plan in a nutshell.

And then I asked myself, How do I fit in?

And I am going to answer that NEXT Monday in Mary’s Monday MLOG.

How about you?????



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