Post March Break – And the Race is ON!

I have been alive for 385 dog years, or 1731699612 seconds (as of now) and I celebrated my 20,000th day on Feb 1, 2014.  Having said that, I have to comment that time runs faster after March break so I know I will age more quickly and add many more days, more quickly before the end of June and the end of another school year.

During the week-long break (or 604,800 seconds of vacation time) I was trying very hard not to work.  I found it hard to resist doing some reading though.  I came across a great blog that suggested that to know yourself as a leader you should ask yourself how you think you are when you are at your best.  Then ask yourself that three more times.  After doing that, the blog suggested that you ask yourself what you would do to be a better leader.  Then ask others.

I thought this was a great exercise in combination with my reading of Now, Discover Your Strengths which uses Gallop Poll data to compare your answers to questions to determine your top five strengths.  Next week, I will reveal what others say about me and what the book suggests is true.  Stay tuned!


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