Another Week Gone By Already?

Next weekend is day light saving’s time and of course it will be the March Break.  Although I am longing for the glorious days of the break and having time to ski and read and just generally regenerate, I am astounded that it is already so late in the year.  YIKES!

I have found that the year speeds up incredibly after the March Break.  So, it must be time to put some super powers into play and make the most out of the time left.

First of all, the PITCH project has become one of the ways that I can rejuvenate and get myself back into the right mindset.  I love the energy and enthusiasm that it is bringing to the surface.  I feel like the people who have been communicating so far are easily going to leap tall buildings in a single bound and be faster than a steaming locomotive.  Better than that, they have loaned that energy to me and I feel like I can do this as well.

I watched a Seth Godin TED talk this weekend and one of the quotes that stuck with me and that relates to this initiative is:

If people think it is work, they will find ways to do less of it.  If it is art, they will figure out ways to do MORE.

I think the PITCH is definitely ART!!!


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