voice and choice and JOY

When we asked students what they needed in their learning in order to be engaged they told us time and again that voice and choice were the keys.  So, what does that tell us about our own engagement as adults?  Is it as important to us?

I think the answer is a resounding yes!  I think having choice is what keeps us sane.  So, do we choose wisely?  When we have that moment between the stimulus and the response do we stop and make a conscious choice to try and make the world a better place?

I think that people who are joyful are that way because they choose JOY.  They are making a decision to chase it and to follow it and to bring it to all of those they see and meet.  So, what does that look like on a daily basis?

Try making a note of joy every day for the month of February.  Snap a picture of it.  Take a video.  Write down a word or phrase but look for it every day.  Then let me know what you find.