Thoughts for a Monday

I have been reading Linchpin – Are you indispensable? by Seth Godin.  He talks about the power in each of us to be leaders and to be the linchpin in our work, families, community, society, etc.  It is challenging because he talks about just taking responsibility for things that you feel need doing and doing them.  No permission, no hedging; just action where and when it is needed.

He also talks about being able to push past our reptile brain – the one that says to not take risks.  He talks about how whenever we feel most afraid or frustrated, we are probably on to something big.  Fear is what keeps us from doing great things.  Fear is what keeps us from being unique or creative or from just trying something new.  He says that the key to that problem is to just push on and do it.  Beat the fear.  Take a risk.  Because (as Seth Godin describes it) there is a cost to not doing so.

Are you willing to try this?  Try it on something small if you like, but I challenge you to try it.  Take a risk.

I’d love to hear how it turns out.


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