New Year, New Word!

I always feel like the New Year starts in September (or in our case August) when we have a new school year, but the rest of the world likes to celebrate the New Year in January.

Okay – so, what if we are thinking about the New Year and the old trick of resolutions?  What would I do?  Well, first of all I would consider the blog post by Dan Rockwell (Don’t make a resolution – choose a word) and then I would choose a word to be my focus for the year.  The blog is based on the book by Britton and Paige called One Word Can Change Your Life.  It suggests that you follow these three rules to choose a word and then let the word lead you for the year as it will be the word that embodies the essence of life for 2014.  Here is a short excerpt from the blog to get you going:

Your word in three easy steps:

First, look in by finding silence and asking three questions.

  1. What do I need?
  2. What’s in my way?
  3. What needs to go?

Second, look up by asking God for your word and listening. Don’t stress about your word. Receive it from your maker.

Third, look out by living out your word everywhere you go. But, look out, because one word isn’t predictable. It surprises.

So, what is your word?


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