Top Five TO DO’s for the Third Week of Advent

As the third week of Advent begins and the joyous waiting is to start, I would like to take time to suggest The Top Five To Do’s for the day, or week, or even the year.  (This is inspired by Tom Peters and a Tweet from his marvelous excellence-centred mind.)

Thank someone for bringing a smile to work to day – do it in the next 30 minutes!

Observe yourself closely over the next 60 minutes – did you LISTEN more than you talked?

Did you remember something you did that brought you or someone else JOY yesterday?  Are you doing it today?  Why not?

Bring someone something for lunch or as a snack.  Leave it anonymously.

Do something unexpected – skip down the hall (or even for one step) dance to a Christmas carol you hear, hum one of your own.  Add some JOY and lightness to the world – even if no one is watching.

Thank you for reading!


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