The Joy This Week

I have spent the majority of this last week doing work around the district review process.  That meant that I spent a lot of time with students and teachers in the schools.  So, I thought to myself, this is a good MLOG to talk about the JOY that I was able to witness first hand.

So, what did I see?  I saw the JOY in a child’s face as they mixed yellow and blue and got green.  I saw the JOY of a student who figured out how the protractor worked.  I saw the JOY of a huge group of students sharing how to do the Mombo Slide with their principal.  I saw JOY as a student showed me the construction they had been working on, as another student explained that SHARING was essential and as a group worked on figuring out the clues they had been working on to see if Santa was a custodian or not.

But even better than that, for me, was the JOY of seeing the work that teams of teachers are doing to make a difference in their schools.  Little by little, student by student, the work is being done.  The JOY is being shared.  And that last JOY I mentioned was on MY face as I went from one warm accepting engaging room to another.

So thank you for a JOY-filled week.


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