That November Feeling

I love this time of year.  Not just because it provides us with the white winter wonderland of school bus cancelation, but also because it is time to create the annual Director’s Report.  I am privileged to play a small part in the creation of this report and the reason why I love it is because it causes me to sift through all of the great things that have happened all year and to choose some examples of the things that represent who we are as a board.

Choosing the events is wonderful.  But it is just step one.  The next piece is creating the stories that explain, describe, and capture the things that tie that event to our board improvement efforts.  Stories link one person’s heart to another.  This is why I love to be in the role of the story teller.

This is the perfect time of year to pause and reflect.  The progress reports are in.  The church year is winding down (with my favourite mass, Christ the King, just around the corner).  The bustle of Christmas has not yet begun and the blanket of snow sometimes traps us in our warm homes with nothing better to do than think.

Thank you God for this time!


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