Monday MLOG: Quantifying

I was listening to CBC Radio (what would I talk about if I didn’t?) and the woman speaking was explaining how she feels that what she does is not quantifiable and how this leaves her feeling unsatisfied.

So, of course, I was thinking that what we do is similarly unquantifiable.  We are not able to say that we have created x number of things or fixed x number of other things.  We do not have a solid product at the end of the day.  We have the delight of knowing that what we are doing may touch the future because we have helped a student to learn a new and amazing concept or skill but we never really know for sure what we do is ever really done.

So, I was thinking… perhaps that is one of the best things about our new board improvement goal.  It allows us to have a quantifiable thing at the end of each and every day.  We can ask ourselves if we saw JOY and how much of it we produced.

SO, how much JOY did you help to create today??  What did it look like?


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