Advent: A Time of Waiting

I heard an amazing poem by Joyce Rupp called When that focused on the concept of opening ourselves to the moment and being truly grateful for the things we have.  It pointed out that we often say that we will do something “When we are really ready”, or “When everything is perfect”, or “When the next big thing comes” or “When ….”.  Until this magical When  comes we just wait and ignore the perfection of this moment, the heaps of gifts we already have or the amazing tranquility and beauty that is NOW.

I thought about this in the context of advent and in the context of our Board Improvement Planning.  I know for advent that I need to prepare now for Christmas and that I need to accept that the gifts I have now are bigger and better than anything I deserve.  In board improvement it is the same thing.  We need to stop waiting for When and take action now.  We need to use our talents, our gifts and our hope to bring good things to life now.


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